Critical Data Backup & Protection Services

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Don’t be caught without Protection !

Programs and computers can always be replaced and reinstalled … Your business data unprotected if compromised by virus, malware, intentional/accidental deletion, corruption, or even ransomware can cripple your business and cost you thousands of dollars, countless hours, or even worst case … completely unrecoverable.

Don’t let this happen to you … we provide a centralized solution to protect you critical data and prevent losses you don’t expect. Our offering is just not a software, but a service that monitors the process, and assists you if you ever have a loss to recovery … all included !

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Perfect online backup solution that automates data backup to secure cloud storage

Built to protect businesses both large and small

Critical Backup

AEII Critical Backup Services provides seamless and secure backup of your data, plus we monitor your backups and are there to assist if any restoration ever needed.

  • Secured and Encrypted
    Your data is encrypted on the source side, in transit and on the server side.
  • Scalable
    We don’t charge you for what you don’t need. AEII Critical Backup Services can scale with your demands.
  • Fast and efficient
    Block level backup, compression, purging, bandwidth throttling.


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